2016 will turn your marketing upside down

Posted by Nicolas Visiers on April 26, 2016

The people in the picture should have much more influence in your Marketing decisions during 2016.

They are your consumers, and CMO's will succeed if they can manage to create ways to empower their consumers so that their organizations offer RELEVANT products or services.

You will have to be RESPONSIVE, not only providing a website for optimal viewing and interaction, but by being answering when you are contacted, which is whenever they want.
Your competitors will continue to challenge you, and more than ever you will have to work on establishing a RELATIONSHIP with your consumers because a sale is not a client.

What more do they expect from you? RESULTS. The 4 R's marketing mix is here and you better make sure that you are as close as you have ever been to your consumers by asking them what they want, like, dislike... Testing and optimization will be the source of that information, so have a plan, get the right tools, talent and make it happen.

Happy 2016!

Topics: Digital and Media Marketing

Written by Nicolas Visiers