7 Last-Minute Website Optimizations To Make NOW To Increase Holiday Conversions

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on December 05, 2017
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We may only be a few weeks away from Christmas, but there are still some important last-minute optimizations you can make to your e-commerce or travel website that will increase conversions, boost time spent on your site, simplify your user journey, encourage brand loyalty to your site, and in general have a positive impact on your end-of-year revenue.

(And, keep in mind, these are also good tips to reference throughout the year when you're running any kind of holiday or seasonal promotion.)

If your IT department is overloaded for December and doesn't have the bandwidth to support these optimizations, consider bringing on a digital agency to implement these "quick holiday wins" to your site.

Here are the 7 most important optimizations you can still make on your site now to see increased sales and traffic on your site over the holidays:


  1. Hollify (Holly + ify) your Home Page: Add some winter wonderland to your home page. Showcase holiday themes and imagery (colors, images, pictures, videos, or fonts, for example) to entice your users to engage now with your products during the holiday season.

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  1. Merchandise your promotions: Are you running epic holiday promotions and letting your audience know via an email with a promo code? Keep reminding them, throughout their journey on your site, how much they can save with your holiday promo. For example, show them a "sticky" promo header that follows them as they scroll down. Also, make sure the difference between regular prices and promo prices stand out on the PDP and throughout the checkout funnel. Everyone loves a great deal, and the more clear the deal is – in a dollar amount – to the user, the more likely they will be persuaded to buy now 
  1. Cross-sell gift options: Categorize your products into gifts, and cross-sell your different offerings throughout your webpage. If you are able to, create a gift landing page and add it to your navigation. Consider upselling gifts on your home page via a tile, or upselling gifts on your PDP (product detail page) or cart page with gift offerings. Common gifts include things like gift cards or special, nicely priced vacation packages.

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  1. Badge products on your Category Landing Page (CLP): Is your product on sale? Let the customer know by "badging" your products (for example, placing a small badge saying "sale" or "50% off" on or near your product. Consider using holiday themes and colors to really catch the holiday shoppers eye when showcasing your badges and promotions.
  1. Use a CTA to focus on PDP: If the user needs to select additional options before they can hit add to cart, make it fast and easy for them to identify what items are missing. Drop in an arrow or a call to action to quickly draw their eyes to the missing information so they can add the desired item to their cart. Effectively guiding your visitors throughout the user journey means making their experience on your site at seamless and frictionless as possible.
  1. Stay in the checkout lane: Keep the user focused on checking out by reducing the options or opportunities they have to leave. For example, reduce your header and de-emphasize the option to “continue shopping.” Add some security messaging enhancements if you don’t already have them.

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  1. Everyone loves gift cards!: Gift card sales spike during the last few days of the holiday season. Promote your gift cards by notifying your users that they can still get that last-minute gift for their loved ones.


If optimization is something you've been interested in pursuing, but haven't had the time or personal knowledge to implement on your own feel free to reach out to Multiplica.us' Optimization experts at Optimization@multiplica.us. We work for clients globally, but are conveniently located in Boca Raton, South Florida.


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Written by Danielle Schwolow