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How to Overcome the 4 Most Common Roadblocks to Website Optimization

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on May 09, 2019

When marketers are tasked by their company leaders to activate an optimization strategy within their organization, they may not realize the hurdles and challenges that are likely to come their way in the process and the kinds of resources they’ll need to successfully optimize their company’s website(s). 

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4 Ways Ecommerce Websites Can Win Customers, Improve Conversion Rates with Optimized Email Campaigns

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on September 18, 2018

Email is often the most profitable channels for e-commerce websites, which is why it's so important to make sure you're continuously optimizing your campaigns and testing your content to make sure you're providing users with relevant messaging that will keep them engaged and encourage them to purchase.

We've narrowed down the most important strategic factors that determine whether or not your email campaigns are successful: 

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7 Last-Minute Website Optimizations To Make NOW To Increase Holiday Conversions

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on December 05, 2017

We may only be a few weeks away from Christmas, but there are still some important last-minute optimizations you can make to your e-commerce or travel website that will increase conversions, boost time spent on your site, simplify your user journey, encourage brand loyalty to your site, and in general have a positive impact on your end-of-year revenue.

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Top 5 Ways To Use Facebook Chatbots for E-commerce Optimization

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on October 26, 2017

First of all, what exactly is a Facebook chatbot and what are they capable of? Actually, quite a lot! Facebook chatbots can automatically answer questions, send mass push notifications, sell products, tell stories, and much more. You can send out a new video, interactive conversation, or product to your entire audience in an instant. Chatbots are also great for customer support but are exceptional when it comes to marketing and customer engagement. You have a new method of communication/acquisition when you deploy a chatbot to your brand.

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How to Incorporate Conversion Optimization Strategies to E-Commerce Companies That Don't Strategize

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on July 17, 2017

   Whether you have been involved in your business for decades or are just starting off, there are many ways that using optimization strategies can benefit your company. By improving your customer experience, you will increase your most important metrics and ultimately your bottom line.  There are two general ways you can go about bringing an optimization strategy to your business, you can follow industry best practices or you can look at your consumer data to analyze your pains and gains.

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