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Big Bang Versus Iterative: What’s the Best Approach to Redesigning Your Website?

Posted by Florencia Carrizo Heit on November 27, 2018

Deciding how much or how quickly to overhaul your website can be a complex decision, with multiple factors (and stakeholders) to consider. Here, we’ll lay out the two most common types of website redesign strategies – “big bang” versus gradual – and the pros and cons for each approach.

What is a “big bang redesign?”

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Topics: User Experience, AB Testing, Optimization, design

A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Florencia Carrizo Heit on May 31, 2017

Most businesses today, regardless of size, location, or industry, are aware, at the very least, of the basic traffic numbers for their website, like how many visitors they have to their site every month or how long those visitors stay on the site. But even some companies’ most sophisticated traffic reports overlook the most important metric of all – conversion rates. Analyzing conversion rates means measuring how many of your site’s visitors convert into paying customers.

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