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How To Build a “Testing Roadmap” That Drives Conversions, Revenue For Your Website

Posted by Melanie Bernal on January 04, 2018

If you’re not already familiar with the benefits of website optimization, including personalization and testing, to your online business, now is the time to make this a top business priority for 2018. According to Google, users abandon over $280 billion in their digital shopping carts every year. But key optimization strategies like rigorous, strategic testing can go a long way to keeping these customers on the path to conversion and reducing the rate of cart or site abandonment. One recent study conducted by Marketing Insider Group claims a whopping 78% of US Internet users say when a site provides them with relevant content, they are more likely to complete a purchase. So by extracting useful insights from your consumer’s behavior and data through testing, you can create this “relevant” content and compelling, persuasive experiences for your visitors that drive conversions and increase your revenue.

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