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5 Biggest Mistakes Travel Websites Can Easily Avoid

Posted by Rebecca Moo on August 14, 2019

The digital travel space is infamously fast-paced and competitive as users are faced with an often overwhelming number of sites, choices, paid searches, and SEO taps that all work to drive traffic – and ultimately conversions and bookings – to their websites.

One of the biggest challenges for travel and hospitality websites, and this includes online travel agencies and direct booking sites, is to create unique value in such a crowded digital marketplace by providing the best user experience possible.

This “optimized” user experience then leads to increased engagement and, when done right, moves the user effortlessly from the homepage, to the category, through product detail pages, and finally to the point of conversion.

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Testing Strategies for Travel Companies

Posted by Rebecca Moo on August 08, 2017

Best practices are the first go to’s when testing but it’s important to know that not all best practices are always applicable. The next go to’s are understanding the user and how they react to your websites experience. What’s interesting is that testing best practices or user experiences differ from one vertical to the next. Furthermore, a user coming from a social media platform like Facebook is very different than one coming from LinkedIn for example while a user landing on site from an email received or paid search advertisement, will react very differently.

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The secret to a successful targeting strategy for travel brands

Posted by Rebecca Moo on May 09, 2017

Did you know your website’s users most likely take on multiple personas throughout the user journey? This means that, depending on where they are on your site or what they’re trying to accomplish, they’ll have different priorities, concerns, pain points, and behavior patterns. One of the biggest keys to seeing successful conversions on your website, then, is your ability to both target and personalize each experience to fit the user at a particular moment in their journey.

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