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How to know when to bypass your IT department and hire a digital agency

Posted by Tracy Parks on February 27, 2018

The e-commerce industry moves at lightening speed. So keeping up with rapidly changing trends or last-minute marketing strategy updates is crucial. But, how do you accomplish this when, like many companies, your IT department is overwhelmed, overworked, or experiencing the ever-common ‘code freeze’?  

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Optimization Tools in the Industry today, Some of the Strengths of each Tool

Posted by Tracy Parks on July 31, 2017

There are several dozen optimization tools out there. All of them offer something unique and come with different approaches to testing. Each tool provides a platform where you can launch optimization tests. Where these tools differ is usually in the features that they provide such as segmentation or audience groups, personalization, third-party API integration, or customizations. Since there are so many tools to choose from and we don’t have the space to squeeze them all in, let me touch on some of the more widely known tools out there.

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Should You Put Your UX, Optimization & Analytics Teams Under One Department?

Posted by Tracy Parks on June 14, 2017

Short answer: Yes!

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4 simple ways to increase engagement (and revenue) on your website

Posted by Tracy Parks on May 03, 2017


When it comes to keeping up with trends on your website, remaining fresh for your customers can be rather challenging. Dealing with the developers, providing them with a plan, coming up with a design, and then coordinating the implementation of your website… all of these steps just for the sake of putting a little red banner up on your homepage to announce a new product release or advertise a discount. It is at this point that you start thinking of other more efficient ways to bypass this long process and push out some user experiences quickly and easily on your own.

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Five ways travel websites can increase last-minute bookings

Posted by Tracy Parks on March 28, 2017

Last-minute travel planning can be a dreaded undertaking for many users, but for the travel industry, it is their life's blood. Getting customers to move quickly on their travel plans is a Herculean task, with prices always in flux and cost-conscience customers on the hunt for the best deal. So how can you help your site get those coveted last-minute bookings? 

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