Clear to Land: CTA best practices for landing pages

Posted by Chris Gentile on April 25, 2017

A great landing page should not only capture your audience’s attention, but it should also compel them to do something. And while you should never give any of your landing pages too many responsibilities (they just aren’t equipped to handle that kind of pressure), if you give them one task and provide the right tools to perform that task, your landing pages have the potential to be conversion ninjas.

In order to be effective and do what it’s meant to do (compel your user to act), each landing page’s objective should be clear to you, while also being subconsciously clear to your audience. Here are a few quick win tactics on landing page best practices that you could start testing on your website today:

  • Make sure your main Call-To-Action is visible above the fold of your website
    Whether you want your users to book, buy, or subscribe, you need to make sure the main CTA is above the fold. Your users should quickly be able to notice the value you’re trying to provide and why they should book/purchase/subscribe with you. Travel site BestDay does a great job on their hotel booking landing page. Users immediately see a prominent CTA, and they know exactly what to do next.

    A great example of how CTAs should be above the fold!

  • Position multiple CTAs throughout the landing page
    Sometimes, having your big and shiny CTA as the first thing users isn’t enough, especially if it’s a travel website. In a perfect world, your audience would immediately click on your landing page’s CTA. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case. Users are going to scroll and look around, and it’s your landing page’s job to remind them of that CTA they’re supposed to click on. Having multiple CTAs throughout your landing page is an excellent way to reinforce its primary function. On their mobile site, Apple Vacations furthers this idea by having a non-intrusive “sticky” CTA that follows the users as they scroll down the page.

    Apple Vacation's clever usage of a booking widget

  • When testing CTAs, the sky’s the limit
    By now, we can all agree just how important your landing page CTAs are. For this reason, you should constantly test them! It’s all about finding that sweet spot that resonates with your audience. Does your CTA’s color compliment your landing page’s look? Is your current CTA’s copy the best representation of what you offer? Does your audience even know it’s clickable (you’d be surprised…)?

This list can go on and on, but the point is, CTAs make great test subjects. And if you haven’t tested CTAs before, testing them on your landing pages would be a great way to start.

Start testing these quick win landing page tactics today!



Topics: Test and Optimization, CTA

Written by Chris Gentile