Google Launches Free Optimization Tool

Posted by Kristin Ravesloot on October 10, 2016

We’re excited to hear about Google’s upcoming October launch of it’s free optimization tool, Google Optimize! This is a web and mobile app testing and personalization tool that is also fully integrated with Google Analytics, and it’s a free version of their existing Google Optimize 360.

This new optimization tool seems to have two major advantages from the user or digital marketing perspective: 1) it’s free and 2) it’s integrated. The optimization process can be tedious and often requires digital marketers to use several different platforms (for analytics, testing, research, and personalization) to make the kind of comprehensive changes to a client’s site that targets the right audiences, creates a great user experience, and, in the end, drives conversions and increases revenue. Google Optimize will be especially easy to use for those who already use Google Analytics since it’s fully integrated.

So, with platforms like Google Optimize (or even Qubit’s digital experience delivery platform) becoming more competitive tools, the testing and optimization industry is definitely changing. These integrated, multi-purpose platforms offer a kind of one-stop-shop approach to testing and and optimization with everything under one umbrella, so to speak, which can lead to faster testing (and results) and a more user-friendly process.

We’re looking forward to including Google Optimize in our wheelhouse of testing and personalization tools for our clients soon!

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Happy optimizing!

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Written by Kristin Ravesloot