How memory can increase your conversion rates and enhance users’ experience of your brand

Posted by Alex Purkiss on April 20, 2018
How memory can increase your conversion rates and enhance users’ experience of your brand.001-1

Isn’t it funny how your memory works, or does not work depending on how you look at it? It seems easy to sometimes to remember an event or favorite toy from your childhood, but remembering what you did yesterday morning can often elude you. 

Maybe it’s because nothing extraordinary happened to you yesterday and, like Dory, you “just kept swimming.”. Or maybe, as my father likes to put it, you were having a CRAFT moment, you know, when you Can’t Remember A F-ing Thing. 

Or how about when a certain smell that seemingly slams a memory right into your brain? Well, that one is more scientific and has to do with the brain’s anatomy. Incoming smells are first processed by the olfactory bulb, which is closely connected to your amygdala and hippocampus. And in case you forgot what those are, they are regions of the brain that handle memory and emotion. 

But, how do we get unique visitors to remember things on your site? Well, until Google invents Smell-o-vision, I think we have to find other methods.

Naturally there are several techniques people use to help them remember things in everyday life but that may need a little tweaking when you apply to the digital world, like word association and locational memories. The former is certainly very good for remembering names, such as someone you just met called Tony. I think we would all think of Tony the Tiger to remember his name  As for location, when you always see someone in the same place, you automatically start to recognize and associate them with that place. Which works great until you see them not in that place, and then they turn from a “Hello Sue” to a “Hello… um… You.”

The problem with the latter method of associating something with location is that when it comes to your website, it has one location, on the user’s screen. So when they close their laptop or turn off their phone, the probability of them remembering what they just did on your site starts to decrease.

While they are on your site, a good technique to use is simple repetition, with a touch of locational memory technique, so that it gets imprinted onto their memory.

Let’s take a Value Proposition for example. You want your Value Prop to be on brand, naturally, and in a noticeable place on your site, such as the homepage. It should also be poignant, clear, and to the point. A user should be able to glance at it quickly and immediately understand the messaging. A “Why Trust Us” Value Prop, for example, is really great way to reassure new visitors that you’re one of the “good guys” and that they can trust your product or service.

However, “out of sight, out of mind.” A few clicks later and that same user most likely isn’t going to remember that on your homepage you said you have a money back guarantee, a 24/7 help center, and free shipping. So, in order to jog their memory at each point in the user journey, you have to drop strategic hints along the way. For example, put the same value prop perhaps at step one of your funnel as well, so that it triggers their memory of “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen this - these are the good guys.” And they feel comfortable proceeding with their purchase.

The same goes for a sale banner, which you should keep in in the same place on your site (like under the header) all the way through the user journey… until the end of the funnel, that is. Then, you should remove all exit signs and distractions because you want them to stay right where they are and finish the transaction (and up your conversion rate!).

All in all, a good technique for getting a user to remember you content from first contact to the confirmation page is a bit of repetition and a well thought out location. Steering away from the old worn-out “SALE, SALE, SALE” strategy of course.

So let’s test your memory real quick. I bet you remember what CRAFT stands for. It’s called a mnemonic device. But that’s the subject of another blog on another day...

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Written by Alex Purkiss