How to Optimize Your Website’s Content for Higher Conversions in 2019

Posted by Optimization Team at Multiplica on January 08, 2019

The optimization of your website’s content is critical to boosting conversion rates and authentically creating an engaging user experience. Some trends that are driving changes in the CX can help you exceed customer expectations and enjoy a higher conversion rate in 2019:

Customers drive strategy

Successful businesses rely strongly on user feedback to drive their strategy. Obtaining user feedback starts with survey and email response data that are run through your analytics program. But it shouldn't end there.

Understanding what your customers need means finding out why they engage with your brand, what they love about it and what you could do better to enhance their experience.

Chatbots continue to rise in importance as customers use them to obtain quick solutions and businesses can utilize their data to build richer customer profiles. Personalization at a granular level means your business will need AI or machine learning to ensure that every customer gets what they need when they need it (and sometimes even before they know they need it).

Since personalization is becoming a standard or essential part of the customer experience, digital companies that fail to deliver will continue to lose business in the months and years to come.

Influence others wisely

Generating enough content to satisfy user demands is a challenge, so using influencers on social media sites can boost content creation and reach a broader audience. The challenge with using influencers as part of your content team is that you need to choose carefully. The influencer should be someone who reflects your brand's values and would be an obvious choice for using your products or services. (For example, a social media influencer who enjoys finding unique ways to save money could easily be a partner with a travel site that offers discounted packages to the adventurous.)

Multi-channel multimedia

Being available in a variety of formats across customers’ devices ensures that you are reaching the largest audience possible with your brand message. With that said, video will continue to rule the content kingdom.

However, not all users will be able to view content, either because they are engaging in another activity or lack the bandwidth to watch. That's why companies are turning to brief podcasts or audio clips to deliver content. Omnichannel will become a critical part of your marketing strategy in 2019 (if it's not already!).

Micro-moments boost authenticity

Many users simply need a quick answer to a question and are not looking for in-depth research. These micro-moments allow you to position your brand as an expert while highlighting your customer-centric attitude.

Short video clips, FAQs, blog posts and even brief podcasts explaining a key concept or useful information related to your company's products or services can get your company's message out. Some companies may also want to explore developing an Alexa skill to have a foothold in the interactive voice market.

Richer, deeper content

Search algorithms will continue to have a powerful impact on content creation. Long-form content is typically targeted at users who are already engaged with the brand. Google has modified its algorithms to view topic clusters as more important than short, one-off pieces on a broad range of ideas.

More long-form content also serves to provide more information for loyal customers and supports the positioning of your team members as industry experts.

2019 promises to be a year of changes when it comes to content marketing, website copywriting, and video marketing. Content strategy has never been more important since it allows your company to differentiate itself. All content, from micro-moments to long-form articles, should be high-quality and designed to go beyond promoting a brand.

Focusing on the customer's needs will drive strategy and help highlight the authenticity of your business and its offerings.

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