Increase Conversions on Your Travel Website with These 5 Popular Content Trends

Posted by Optimization Team at Multiplica on August 01, 2018

Creating good content for your users at every point in their journey can meant the difference between a conversion or permanently losing their interest in your brand. Quality content that is optimized for your target audience and strikes just the right tone with your user can have a significant effect on your conversion rates.

Here are 4 important content marketing trends you should be following if you want to keep up with the competition and optimize your site for increased conversions and a better user experience:

1. Embrace personalized content

Personalization is one of the top digital travel trends in of 2018, and it’s a key driver of growth and conversion rate optimization. Travelers overwhelmingly value and respond well to personalized experiences and content on travel sites and are much more likely to convert when they feel they’re receiving quality content or offers that are directly relevant to them.

From re-engaging customers who’ve abandoned a purchase to showing highly targeted offers to certain users based on their search behavior or demographics, personalized content can take many forms and appear across multiple channels and touchpoints. But, the key takeaway for 2018 and beyond is that users crave relevant information and are easily and quickly turned off by content that holds no value for them.

2. Be authentic

Travelers are quick to dismiss any type of content that is overtly promotional, misleading, or inauthentic in any way. Today’s online consumers are more likely to respond positively to experiences, people, and emotionally-charged content, not brands or sales-speak.

Consider marketing and travel industry influencer Mark Babin, Marketing Manager for The Westin Grand Cayman. His live stream video from the resort is a stand-out in content marketing for a hospitality brand and quickly gained enormous popularity with users. His authentic approach and behind-the-scenes content gives users an inside look at their destination and makes them feel the experience of traveling to the resort.

3. Master video content

Digital marketing in general is trending toward video content, but travel is perhaps one of the most well-suited industry’s for video content. Users want to explore, dream about, and visualize their destination before they purchase, and “experience marketing” content should meet these needs and wants. If you’re not giving them a real-time look at their destination, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to capture their attention and inspire conversions/bookings.

If you already have a fairly sophisticated multimedia strategy in place, consider adopting or refining your approach to live video. According to some industry insiders, live video (via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms) is poised to be the biggest disrupter in content marketing in the next 5 years, so you should explore how live video could add value for your users and what types of goals you want to achieve with this medium.

4. Yes, you are a media company

Take a data-driven approach to content creation by thinking and strategizing like a media company. From blog posts, images, and videos to social media posts and influencer content, embrace the fact that you are a digital publisher and make content an organizational-wide priority. Use your data to “listen” to the type of content your users want, and build out a strategic editorial calendar that leverages high-quality, personalized content to meet the changing needs and desires of your users along every point in their journey.

5. Optimize for mobile

Increasingly travelers are turning to mobile to book and also to research and plan their trips. Any content that they consumer from your site should always be optimized for a mobile experience. This means shorter paragraphs, clear and enlarged headings and subheadings, intuitive navigation, prominent CTAs, and concise copywriting that gets straight to the point. Keep in mind that a large portion of videos are consumed with the sound off, so make sure that any video content you publish is also optimized for silent viewing.

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