Optimization Tools in the Industry today, Some of the Strengths of each Tool

Posted by Tracy Parks on July 31, 2017

There are several dozen optimization tools out there. All of them offer something unique and come with different approaches to testing. Each tool provides a platform where you can launch optimization tests. Where these tools differ is usually in the features that they provide such as segmentation or audience groups, personalization, third-party API integration, or customizations. Since there are so many tools to choose from and we don’t have the space to squeeze them all in, let me touch on some of the more widely known tools out there.

Adobe Target

Adobe’s Test & Target has been slightly rebranded by dropping the “Test” portion of their name. This in no way means that you cannot test with Adobe Target. Honestly, the rebranding has placed the focus of the tool onto something that Adobe excels at: audience targeting. Their tool is fully integrated with the ever-popular enterprise analytics solution that Adobe also offers and along with that, you receive a very robust audience targeting system that would make any marketing manager gleeful. If you are looking for a personalization tool, this tool should be placed in the running. As far as site performance is concerned, Adobe Target is fast. Many rank it one of - if not - the fastest tool out there. In some cases, this can be a draw back as your changes might want to fire off before the page has fully loaded yet, but there are tricks to avoid that from happening.

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Monetate sells itself as more of a personalization tool rather than a testing platform. And again, this shouldn’t deter you from using Monetate as a testing platform. Monetate’s segmentation is robust, offers great custom targeting and does so with ease. And speaking of ease, Monetate’s strong point is its user interface. All of the tools, generally have a sublime and intuitive UI. Creating an experience with Monetate is as easy as defining Who, What, When, & Why. You can easily navigate through their interface and set up custom metrics, segments, and even create templates for repeated actions you want on your site.

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Like the first two tools, Optimizely offers itself as a personalization tool. This tool can for sure be used for testing as well. Optimizely does offer a basic set of targets to begin with and a more robust set with higher account packages, but for basic testing this tool is perfect, you wouldn’t need a huge amount of target options. Now what Optimizely does best are Site integrations and Third-Party API integrations. Our favorite being BlueKai. These two points are a great help on initial setup and continued use. Optimizely’s site integration is probably one of the easier ones out there. If you know how to place a script on your site, you won’t even need IT support. Optimizely user interface is super easy to use and we also find their support if needed to be helpful.

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Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a relatively new tool that has entered the market. If you already have Google Analytics (GA), then setting up Google Optimize will be easy. GA is used for reporting, so if you are familiar with GA, then you should understand the reports generated. But after the setup, you will probably notice that it does have limitations. It isn’t a substitute for any of the other tools we mentioned. What Google Optimize does very well is not impact your wallet. Currently it is FREE! If you are new to the testing and optimization world, this might be a great way to get your feet wet.

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In closing, all of the tools have the potential to make your site better, for both yourself and for your users. When searching for the right tool, make sure you understand what these tools have to offer and their limitations. Make a plan of what you intend to use an optimization tool for and see if your priorities match up to their strengths.

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Written by Tracy Parks