Top 5 Ways To Use Facebook Chatbots for E-commerce Optimization

Posted by Danielle Schwolow on October 26, 2017

First of all, what exactly is a Facebook chatbot and what are they capable of? Actually, quite a lot! Facebook chatbots can automatically answer questions, send mass push notifications, sell products, tell stories, and much more. You can send out a new video, interactive conversation, or product to your entire audience in an instant. Chatbots are also great for customer support but are exceptional when it comes to marketing and customer engagement. You have a new method of communication/acquisition when you deploy a chatbot to your brand.

What’s more, according to, Facebook Messenger’s audience is equal to Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram combined! Which means, by using Messenger, you can reach approximately 1 billion people. These are a few examples of what your Facebook Messenger bot could do:


Here are 5 ways e-commerce sites should be using chatbots to optimize their customer experience:

1. Brand your bot

Teach your bot about your brand! Tell him about specific words and phrases, especially when it comes to your brand and customer service issues you’ve dealt with in the past. This way, your bot can engage with your customer on a more personal level.


2. Have your bot send push notifications

Allow customers to follow your bot so that you can send them custom push notifications in the future, sending them things like latest products or offers or communicating specific branded messages such as an abandoned cart.


3. Create sharable content for Facebook Messenger

Create conversational experiences, or “convos”, where you can produce FAQ’s, tell stories, and more. Convos will enable you to create and share content instantly to your entire audience and engage your customers.


4. Don’t forget about analytics

Track how well your bot is doing. Use this data to continue to educate your bot and your customers.  


5. Feature videos, products, & promos on your bot

Your chatbot is now an additional method of communication for your brand. Let your chatbot communicate your new products and promos. Engage your customers with videos and exclusives!


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Written by Danielle Schwolow