What is digital optimization?

Posted by MultiplicaUSA on February 01, 2018
What is digital optimization?

For years, marketers have been focusing much of their attention on search engine optimization (SEO). However, as time progresses and users come to expect flawless, easy interactions with sites and apps, focusing solely on keywords and site optimization aren't nearly enough to drive conversions and increase traffic, engagement, user satisfaction. Instead, digital optimization is quickly becoming one of the most important ways businesses can ensure their websites and content rank high in search engines, provide users with the best experience, target the right audiences, and, ultimately, increase conversions and revenue.

Here, we will take a quick look at what digital optimization actually means today and learn more about what you need to do to get started:


Like SEO, digital optimization involves optimizing content to rank higher in search engine results but also involves things like testing, targeting, and personalization. And, instead of focusing solely on website content, written copy, keywords and metadata (like SEO), we are also looking at digital media and files and the overall site architecture and user experience.


Expanding your digital marketing efforts to include optimization has a number of benefits. For one, the process allows search engines to index your website, content and digital files properly. Prospects, clients and future customers will then have a better chance of finding your content and responding to it appropriately. Most importantly, an optimized site provides your users with the best possible experience and buyer journey that they can have. Through testing and an analysis of your site’s analytics, a digital marketing team will optimize and improve your site based on your users’ needs, desires, habits, and demographics.

Digital optimization also helps ensure you are attracting traffic to your website from multiple sources. For example, optimizing your YouTube videos will give you access to more potential traffic than simply optimizing your website and text content alone.

Getting started

There are several things you need to do to get the ball rolling with digital optimization. Firstly, if your team does is not familiar with optimization strategies or tools, you’ll want to give serious considering to consulting a digital marketing agency who can build a unique testing and optimization roadmap tailored specifically to your company’s needs and goals. An agency will also be able to audit your current site and recommend the appropriate tools (for testing, optimization, personalization, or analytics) that will enable you to make changes to the site that will have a big overall impact on your company’s bottom line.  

Also, for quick-win optimizations to your site that are fairly easy to make now… ensure all your items have a description. Regardless of the type of file, a description will help search engines understand how to index your content. Make sure you are incorporating your keywords into this description as well. Also, having user-friendly URLs is crucial. Having a short but descriptive URL is one way to show what your content is all about. Not only will this attract the attention of your audience, it will also allow search engines to understand your content. Finally, any file names you include have to be descriptive and user-friendly. Keywords should also be included.


Like traditional SEO, digital optimization requires tracking and management to be a success. Start by defining your goals and your vision for success. Use these goals to choose the best keywords and tactics to optimize your content. Track the success of your optimization efforts and research concepts that may work more in your favor. As with most marketing strategies, digital optimization should be a flexible and living system where changes can be made at any time.

And, again, an agency that specializes in digital optimization will be able to assess your current tracking and reporting processes and make any recommendations or implement new tools to strengthen the way you measure success. If you're interested in learning more about digital marketing agencies, website optimization, UX design or personalization, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at optimization@multiplica.us.

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