You are wrong, congratulations!

Posted by Nicolas Visiers on April 19, 2016

Digital Strategists now face a major challenge, because they have to pool ideas from users, product people, UX experts, agency creative, competition and obviously from their C-level executive team. They then need to test them and see which ones produce the expected results based on the KPI's that have been defined: better conversion, higher interaction rate... Now, Marketing is all about managing a portfolio of ideas, knowing how to prioritize them, tracking the results we get so we can start working on the right mix to outpace our competitors and engage or sell to our users.

The sentence a consultant hears most in a company is “Here things are different and what you propose will not work” … sounds familiar? Sure they are different, you might be launching a product, fighting an incoming competitor or expanding geographically, limited resources, major investor looking for an aggressive expansion. Your goals are specific to your company and the context you are in, so you can also make specific tests to understand how your customers feel about your hypothesis, and how your different targets or archetypes will react to your offering: how much price elasticity you have in a specific product, how much information does your customer need to make a purchase decision or how will you better persuade them to make that decision right there and then and reduce your sales cycle?

In 2016 marketing leaders will spend more time in getting their company and teams involved in creating the “right testing mix” so that they can see the impact of those ideas and hypothesis; more than coming up with the right idea, their goal will be about making sure that the team can manage to create the right mix of ideas and proposals, and that they are prioritized and analyzed and executed based on how users react to them. So if your idea is not a winner, you probably have created the right environment to foster your team’s ideation selection and prioritization, and that will generate better results over time than being a rock star. Congratulations on being wrong!

Nicolas Visiers Wurth, Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Multiplica.

Topics: Digital and Media Marketing

Written by Nicolas Visiers